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Falence Lemungoh
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My HNGi8 x I4G Internship Goals

Hello I'm Falence Lemungoh and I'll be participating in this year's HNGi8 x I4G internship as a Backend Engineering intern.

What's the HNG x I4G Internship?

This is an 8-week remote internship designed to find and develop the most talented software developers and designers.

The internship is open to just anyone to participate. Anyone can log into the internship using their laptop. Each week, tasks are given. Those who complete them advance forward.

The intern coders are introduced to complex programming frameworks, and get to work on real world software. The finalists are connected to the best companies in the tech ecosystem and get full time jobs and contracts immediately.

My Goals

  1. Make it as a finalist. That is, to go through all the stages of the internship right up to the last stage, successfully.
  2. Build and take my backend engineering skills to a whole new level by working with a team on real world projects.
  3. Connect with amazing and talented software developers and designers all over Africa.
  4. Have fun while learning and building remotely.

By the end of this internship, I'll love to be a confident and proficient backend engineer with the right skillset and proven methods and patterns of development on the backend.

My Development Stack

I'm a backend engineer focused on building web APIs and services for client consumption. I'm proficient in NodeJS.

Resources for beginners

Kindly checkout the internship's platforms here

Do well to also follow HNG x I4G on twitter:

Check out

Thanks for reading.

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