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How to create a free hotel booking website with QloApps

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QloApps is an open source hotel reservation system. It is distributed for free. QloApps repository is hosted at Github.

With the help of QloApps, you can launch a hotel booking website and you can manage both online and offline bookings.

Download Qloapps Software

Downloading QloApps is very simple. Just visit the Website and
Click on Download Button

qloapps official website download button

Now on the next page which appears there is a field for Sponsoring Us.

It is an optional field. If you wish to support us then you can make any contribution. And if do not wish to make a contribution then just click on Download and the ZIP file of the software will be downloaded.

dowloading qloapps

Create Database

After downloading the software the next step will be creating the database which will be configured with QloApps during the installation.

This database will be used by the system to store your hotel related information like hotels, rooms, bookings, etc.

To create a database Goto your database’s PHPMyAdmin by entering your URL/phpmyadmin in the address bar of your browser
(ex: website.com/phpmyadmin)

After logging in to your account Click on the Database Tab

database creation

Now create a database and make a note of the database name as you will require the same name in the further installation process.


Uploading Files To Your Server

After creating an empty database, unzip QloApps software zip files and upload them to your server.

Note: Make sure you didn’t upload the root folder directly, only the files and folders that it contains.

Steps 1: Unzip the ZIP file you downloaded from the QloApps website.

Step 2: Now copy all the files & folders in the hotelcommerce folder and upload them on your server

Launching Qloapps Installation

After uploading your files it is time to start the installation. To start the installation access the uploaded QloApps file from your public URL.

As you hit your public URL the installation will start.

Here are the installation steps:

1. Choose Your Language

From this page, you can choose your installation language and your default software language. You can always change the language from the back-end.

qloapps installation 1

2. License Agreements

QloApps is open-source software. QloApps core is licensed under OSL 3.0, while the modules and themes are licensed under AFL 3.0.

You will have to agree to the terms and conditions to proceed with the installation. So click on the checkbox.

qloapps installation 2

3.System Compatibility

At this step, your system compatibility will be checked.

qloapps installation 3

4. Store Information

At this step, you will need to enter your Store Details and the credentials by which you will access your store. So be patient while entering the details.

qloapps installation 4

5. System Configuration

Connect your database to the QloApps by entering your database credentials and database name which you created in the steps above. Then test your database connection.

If your database is connected you can proceed to the installation.

qloapps installation 5

Now click on Next for the final step of Installation

6. Store Installation

Now the QloApps will start installing on your server.

qloapps installation 6

Website Launched

Once the system is installed you will have an elegant looking free hotel website.
Alt Text

You can also check out the installation blog here: https://qloapps.com/install-qloapps/


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