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Flutter Projects For Beginners, Intermediate And Experienced Developers

Popularity of flutter is getting higher everyday! If you are thinking about a hybrid app, then most people will suggest you flutter. If you are an experienced Flutter Developer, You might have heard as well as searched for this question β€œWhat are some real-world flutter projects for beginners & those at an intermediate skill-level and which projects should I work on to gain real time experience?" (when you're a beginner) in different communities like GitHub, Reddit, Quora or maybe on the Web.

In this project based learning guide, You’ll find example projects with step-by-step instructions, video tutorials and source code that’ll take you through building some cool, interesting, unique and real-world Flutter projects, from scratch.

πŸ‘‰ Spotify Clone UI for Web and Desktop

Quick Guide: In this Project, The author will teach you how to build Spotify's user interface for desktop and web. With Flutter, it's super easy to develop responsive apps that work across different platforms. Users will be able to select tracks and our UI updates accordingly. You'll use provider to share state throughout this application and keep track of the currently selected song. Throughout the tutorial, You'll be hit upon some easy UI tricks to develop a clean and beautiful user experience.

Tutorial & Code: Spotify Clone by MarcusNg (Tutorial) and Source Code

πŸ‘‰ Create a 2D Snake Game in Flutter

Summary: Learn how to use Flutter as a simple game engine by creating a classic 2D Snake Game. Get to know the basics of 2D game graphics and how to control objects. In this Project, You'll learn about how to use Flutter as a game engine, Move objects, Control movement, Build game UI, Add game elements.

Code, Demo & Tutorial: 2D Snake Game by Ray Wenderlich (Demo), Tutorial & Code

πŸ‘‰ Online Shop App UI using Flutter

Summary of this Project: In this project, The author will share with you a nice and clean online shop app UI by using Flutter. The UI has two pages one for the product page which has a horizontal list of categories. Then on the details page, it shows the price and short description of the product with the buy now button.

Tutorial, Code & Demo: Online Shop App UI, Project by The Flutter Way (Tutorial), Demo and Source Code

πŸ‘‰ Flutter WhatsApp Clone

Project Summary: The tutorial attached below will take you through a step by step implementation of how to build a clone of WhatsApp UI in flutter. Check out the demo, code and tutorials from the below given links.

Tutorial & Code: Flutter WhatsApp Clone (Tutorial) by MTechViral and Source Code

πŸ‘‰ Portfolio Website using Flutter

Project Summary: In this project, you will create a nice clean Portfolio Website for Designer or developer using Flutter. This website will include almost everything that you want to show. At first, your name and a big picture. Then About section shows more info about you with a cool experience card. Then the list of Services that you offer. It also has a hire me card then it also have a section where it shows some recent work, then what your clients say about you and more.

Tutorial, Demo & Code: Portfolio Website by The Flutter Way (Demo), Tutorial and Code

πŸ‘‰ Book Search App

Project Summary: This project is for beginners only. It's a simple app and author has divided tutorials into four parts. In the 1st part, you'll learn about the logic, some piece of codes and implementation. In 2nd tutorial, you will learn about Animation and Database integration. And in last two medium guides, you'll learn and implement strucutres, creating screens, managing data, handling errors, etc.

Tutorial, Source Code & Demo: Book Search Project (Tutorial 1, 2, 3 & 4) and Demo & Code

πŸ‘‰ Messenger UI using Flutter

Summary: In this project, you are going to create the clone of the Messenger UI using the the flutter framework. You will create the main conversation home screen of the messenger app which will contain a top app bar, a search bar, a stories section, and a conversation list section.

Tutorial & Code: Messenger UI by FreeCodeCamp, Project Tutorial and Source Code

πŸ‘‰ Clean Login UI with Hero Animation in Flutter

Summary: In this project based learning tutorial, you are going to create a clean and simple login UI screen with a basic hero animation in Flutter, a mobile Sdk framework by Google. Go through the code if you face any problems.

Tutorial, Code & Demo: Clean Login UI with Hero Animation by Code Versitas (Demo), Tutorial and Source Code

πŸ‘‰ Hangman Game using Flutter

Summary: The project is simple and suitable for beginners. Code is available for both android and iOS. The programming languages used to create this game are Dart, a little bit Ruby, a small chunk of Objective C and Java.

Code & Demo: Hangman Game using Flutter (Demo), Guide & Code

πŸ‘‰ Todo App using Flutter

Quick Guide: This project will be lengthy and focused for intermediate developers that are fairly familiar with Flutter framework. This project based tutorial will help you to learn Google's Business Logic Component Architecture Design Pattern (Bloc), Reactive Programming using Dart streams (Similar to Redux), Asynchronous events & operations (Future events), CRUD operations I/O using Local Database and more.

Tutorial, Code & Demo: Todo App using Flutter, Project Tutorial, Demo and Source Code

πŸ‘‰ Gmail Clone using Flutter

Summary of this Project: The purpose of this project is to showcase how to build Gmail Clone with Flutter. Tutorial and Code are available below. Go through it and create your own Gmail app.

Tutorial & Source Code: Gmail Clone Project Tutorial and Code

πŸ‘‰ Emoji UI for Food Ordering using Flutter

Project Summary: In this small but amazing project, you will create some great UI screens using emojis and other stuffs. This project is one of the best in this list because the UI inspiration taken by the author from dribbble is very hot.

Tutorial, Code & Demo: Emoji UI for Food Ordering by Raja Yogan (Demo Screen 1, 2, 3), Tutorial and Source Code

If you like the above projects and want to see more, then check out remaining 60+ projects from the below given link

Check out other flutter projects from here: Remaining 60+ Flutter Projects for Beginners, Intermediate and Experienced Developers (With Tutorials and Source Code)

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