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Awesome Markdown πŸŽ‰

What is Markdown?

According to Wikipedia, Markdown is a lightweight language that is used for creating formatted text using a plain text editor. John Gruber and Aaron Swartz created Markdown in 2004 as a markup language that is appealing to human readers in its source code form.

Where markdown is being used?

We use this markdown almost every day in our day-to-day coding tasks. Writing down the documentation in a file is a common phenomenon for those who use GIT regularly, especially in GitHub or GitLab. Markdown has become a must item in any open-source project nowadays. When we get a project on GitHub, the first thing we do is we read the project description and then we directly go to the preview where each essential introduction about the project are kept, whether it can be a detailed description of the project, how we can install the project, how we can use the project, how we can improve the project and so on. The on the root branch of any project is considered as the landing page of a project. GitHub Page is a nice addition to our day-to-day life. We can make a static website easily and without any hassle just by using the Markdown. By using markdown, we can create websites from a very simple template-based to a very beautiful one later. All of these can be possible within a very short amount of time if we simply use markdown for that. That also makes the site easy to manage and improve. In a sentence, markdown has become a common and essential day-to-day task to almost many of us.

Editor for markdown πŸ₯³

Most of us use the Visual Studio Code for our day-to-day coding usage. As that comes with a very rich extension marketplace and so on, obviously working on markdown can be severely progressive on that editor. As such, most of us use the VS Code for our markdown language-related tasks. It has a built-in preview window for markdown also where we can get the live preview of our markdown file side by side. Writing on the markdown can be super enjoyable by using many extensions from the VS Code extension packages also. Plus it is lightweight also which provides easy accessibility to anyone. We can also use the online-based markdown editors. Some mentionable of them can be, StackEdit, Dillinger, typora etc. When we use these editors, we have to remember the syntax of the markdown as well. However, as all the syntax of the markdown is pretty easy, we don't usually need to worry about that at all. If we forget any syntax during the work, we can simply search for the syntax on the internet and we can also use any suitable template from the internet as well. Now coming to the point, as a tech-enthusiasts, I often find myself experimenting with many software, gadgets and so on. One day, I get a nice project on the GitHub trending page, and from there I checked that repository. The project caught my attention. The project is marktext.

Repo image

I also visited their official website and grabbed the software. A nice thing is, the app supports cross-platform, which means you can use the app from Windows, Linux and Mac also. As I also love the cross-platform feature to work seamlessly from any device I want, I gave it a plus point for that.

Website 1

IWebsite 2

Website 3

The installation process is very simple, as with any normal software. After opening the software we get a nice and clean UI.


I forgot to mention that it already offers 6 themes by default. You can select any theme you want.


The amazing thing about this marktext is that you don't need to remember any syntax at all. Just press @ key from your keyboard, and it will provide you with all the suggestions you need.


For making your task simpler you can check the suggestion using any suitable word or letter you want. Such as if I type @h2 it will suggest me Header 2. If I want the table, I can search that using @ta. Actually, if you search using t or T it will show you all the suggestions by default starting with t or T. It can be super helpful to anyone.

Another thing I like the most about this software is the table block. Yeah! You heard me right. You don't need to worry about the | sign at all. The editor will do that for you. Simply select the table block, it will provide you with a nice GUI table box (just like in any Microsoft Office application). You can select how many rows and columns you want. You can simply enter the value in the box to choose your desired rows and columns as well.

row and col

Also, you can tweak any setting you want from the Preferences window.


You can discover many more amazing features if you use this software for some time, and if you find more amazing features then don't forget to share those here!

Another important thing, I have published a video on YouTube on a review of this software πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰. Please consider checking that out from here. πŸ₯³

You can follow me on GitHub, LinkedIn, Twitter, GitLab, Facebook. Thank you everyone and have a nice day! πŸ₯°

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