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Fahad Ashiq
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How to Prepare yourself for AZ-900 & AZ-204

Hello Techies,

My name is Fahad Ashiq working as a SDE - I at @Calrom I am co-leading Microsoft Community Lahore along with training, mentoring students for last two years in different technical domains of technology, I am also Microsoft Certified Trainer and known as Community Dev Advocate.

As tech community contributor, I am also avid of learning new technologies including Cloud, AI and Data Science I am actively participating in learning different online courses and platform to learn, excel & grow in respective work domain knowledge.

In the above context of learning and leading things in our communities, I have cleared Azure-900 and Azure-204 certification last year and a lot of community folks asked to provide them content related to preparation and guidance to clear these exams.

You can get access all the content related to azure certification on their learning platform which I am pasting below:

( )

I am also pasting links to get access content of AZ-900 & AZ-204



The minimum 70% percentile needed to clear the exam out 1000 marks but if you can score above this is your intelligence and interest of learning. All the Fundamental and Associate Level exams are MCQS based but there is some practice exercises you can attempt while preparing them in associate level not in fundamental level.

You can prepare some other content as well related to these certifications which can help you in understanding topics more on technical side to get dive into the practical implementation of things use in the cloud world.

Happy Learning!

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