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RF Fahad Islam
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Some Quick Python Hacks

Here is a small list of hacks.

But I am working on a big list of tips and tricks on python. So make sure to stay tuned😀

Here are some quick python hacks:

  • Use the built-in help function to learn about the functions and modules you are using. For example, you can type help(len) to learn more about the lenfunction.
  • Use the dirfunction to get a list of all the attributes (including methods and properties) of an object. For example, you can type dir(str) to get a list of all the methods that can be called on a string.
  • Use the isinstancefunction to check the type of an object. For example, you can use isinstance(x, str) to check if x is a string.
  • Use the__doc__ attribute to access the documentation for a function or class. For example, you can type print(str.__doc__) to print the documentation for the strclass.
  • Use the python -m pdb command to start the interactive debugger, which allows you to execute code one line at a time, inspect variables, and more.

If you like these hacks comment down below. I will happy to know if the blog is helpful for you.

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