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Introducing DUMB a blogging web app 🌳

Overview of My Submission

My Journey πŸ‘€

So on April 13 I decided to build an application using Appwrite. My goal was to learn Appwrite. So I decided to clone and called in, coz why not ? 😹

And yeah I completed my applications, Its not like, but I took the idea of sharing posts. I created a blogging web app with some cool features.

  • login
  • register
  • create post
  • view post
  • delete post
  • search post
  • like post
  • comment on post
  • edit profile
  • notify whenever there is an even (like/comment)

I used Appwrite and Next JS to build this. It was tough.

Its hard

Using Appwrite was shooting your foot with gun, Its hard. I tried to use Appwrite functions, but the docs didn't show that much. I spent days figuring out how to make index work. So many things didn't work as expected πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ.

But I really enjoyed using Appwrite (I guess). I really loved how it handles user authentication, how they provide permission. And how easy is to setup etc. Appwrite is in its early stage. I'm looking forward it to grow big πŸ™‚

Submission Category:

Web2 Wizards

Link to Code

GitHub logo octoi /

Appwrite x DEV Hackathon Project πŸš€

Dumb is a blogging app similar like made with Next JS & appwrite as backend.


  • Users can create articles
  • Like article
  • Comment on article
  • Author will get notified whenever someone like or comment on post
  • Update profile

Check how to setup.

Its kinda hard to setup because IDK how to make it simpler.., if you have any doubt regarding installation feel free to email me



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