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Great list you created. Some of them I didn't know but I will give it a go :D is definitely a great app that I use quite a few times when creating svgs or design mockups for a template.

Another great app is Dash unfortunately its only available for mac and ios. The app is meant to be your go to place for all documentation. You can add a bunch of them (python, javascript, bootstrap and much much more), what makes the app great is that you can use it offline so you can always check up on documentation.



Dash look nice but how do you share that with your team? Especially the non-mac users. Most probably they have the same problems as you and vice versa.

Maybe something like gitlab code snippets with IDE plugins would work, I never tried it.


Yeah sharing with the team might be an issue, the documentation is downloaded into ~Library/Application Support/Dash/Docset but the file is a .docset extension so maybe you would need to open it with some other program.

Its a work around but very ugly one haha Perhaps devdoc plugin is a good idea as Giorgos suggested (i havent tried that one yet tho)


There is devdoc plug in for Chrome which is identical, and velocity for windows!

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