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JS courses on twitch :)

florent giraud
VueJS / NuxtJS Lover
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I am happy to announce that I will start live interactive Javascript courses on twitch:

All javascript lovers are welcome! A live presentation will take place on Tuesday, 8:30 pm 22:30 pm GMT + 1.

The first course will take place on Friday!

I hope you will be there.

Sorry but for now it will be essentially french but if there is a lot of internationals i could prepare english version too <3

Discussion (8)

perigk profile image
Periklis Gkolias

Nice initiative. Live streaming is underrated unfortunately

f3ltron profile image
florent giraud Author • Edited

yeah totally agree i will try to propose something that will convince people :)

thomasbnt profile image
Thomas Bnt • Edited

Superbe !

mrfreesher profile image

Great idea.

michaelrice profile image
Michael Rice

Hey let us know how it goes with a few retrospectives. Super curious.

f3ltron profile image
florent giraud Author

i will after 1 or 2 month :)

rolypolie profile image

awesome man , ill be checking it out even though i know only English, but there needs to be more Live streaming coding imo, so great start. :)

f3ltron profile image
florent giraud Author

Thank's sky i will try my best !