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What's the difference between Nuxt js and Vite?

Nuxt.js and Vite are both front-end development tools, but they have different purposes and use cases.

Nuxt.js is a progressive web application (PWA) framework based on Vue.js. It helps developers build high-performance, server-side-rendered applications quickly and easily. Nuxt.js provides a lot of built-in features and functionality that makes it easy to create scalable and maintainable applications, such as automatic code-splitting, file-based routing, and server-side rendering.

On the other hand, Vite is a build tool that is designed to improve the development experience for modern web applications. Vite is fast and flexible, and it is optimized for building single-page applications (SPAs) and static sites. Vite is particularly useful for prototyping, because it has fast build times and can hot-reload changes instantly.

In summary, Nuxt.js is a complete front-end framework that provides a lot of built-in features for building scalable and maintainable PWAs, while Vite is a build tool that is optimized for building fast, lightweight SPAs and static sites.

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