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Discussion on: Learning To Be A Mouse-Less Web Developer In VS Code (Updated: 22 July 2020)

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Esdras Salazar

I don't understand why we must develop as we live in the 70s, using black themes or using keyboard only,. In the 70s developers don't have more options, but we are in 2020, we have rich IDEs, we have more memory available, we don't have to use dumb terminals, we have touch devices. Please, don't get me wrong, is just that as I see we have more options now and we must use all of the then accordly ti the situations.

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Anson Low Z.F

Thank you for your opinion. You're right. I still find GUI work faster in VS Code.

i.e. the source control panel.
Git - add a file, commit, and push a lot faster—no need to type a long filename.

I'm thinking to write an article about how VS Code make coding fast.
(Meanwhile, I still experimenting whether using mouse-less can increase productivity or not)

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AJ Kerrigan • Edited

Nice post Anson! Articles like this always teach me a keyboard shortcut I've either forgotten or never knew. In this case, that Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + period to bring up breadcrumbs is a nice touch :). Thanks!

I get a lot of benefit from having common keyboard reflexes across multiple applications. For me this means tweaking some of VS Code's keyboard shortcuts to match my tmux+vim muscle memory, which I wrote a bit about here.

I think the more important piece is to experiment a bit when you can, but fall back to whatever's most comfortable when you really need to get something done. No mouse-shaming required! :)

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Tony Brown

Because it's efficient and fast. If I don't need an IDE, I'm not going to use one thank you.