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Best programming language?

Most times I come across posts which are titles, "best programming language 2022" "best programming language to learn" or even "best programming languages for beginners", the list goes on. As I see these I get confused, discouraged, and sometimes feel bad for upcoming programmers who might learn a programming language they won't like or use.
People put competition between these programming languages as saying one is best when in reality each is better at one aspect of tech or the other and it's just a popularity contest. Rather than read or write articles about this, articles that help like these: "languages best for data science", "languages best for web development", and so on. In this article, I'll go over the programming languages you can learn for some different aspects or fields of technology.The programming language you should learn is based on some career paths.

Programming languages used in different aspects of tech

  • Data science - In this aspect, languages used include C#, R, Python, C++, and so on. Python is one of the most popular to learn, but the others have aspects of use based on companies' preferences or yours as an individual, consider these before diving into learning a language.
  • Web development - Languages with aid web development include JavaScript, Python, nodejs, PHP, and typescript. Javascript is most popularly used here along with the others or alone.
  • App development - Languages used in this field include Kotlin, Java, Swift, C++, and so on.
  • Cyber Security- Programming languages used in this field include PHP, Javascript, Python, Perl, and so on.

In conclusion, all programming languages have use for various aspects of technology. So asking the first right question is important for beginners, instead of asking " what programming language should I learn?" Or "which is the best programming language to learn". Start by finding which aspect of technology to dive into and choose a language, you really can't go wrong with any. Thanks for reading feel free to like, comment, and happy coding.

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