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Discussion on: Ansible Rails - Deploy Ruby on Rails apps easily

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Thanks for this write up, it touches a few points that i've been trying to get the hang of.

While reading your post, i kept wondering when i would choose what you suggested VS other options.

For instance, i just deployed a side project i'm working on to heroku via GitlabCI but the final product will be deployed on a VPS and so, reading your post made think that maybe your approach is more suitable for such cases where you have to set everything up yourself?

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Bharani Author

In my opinion, Heroku is the best option if you are just starting out or if you don't have the time/bandwidth for maintaining your VPS. I've used Heroku for many years and I have no complaints.

This approach of deploying to your own VPS is suggested only if you are willing to spend some time on devops (e.g: managing your server, upgrading packages, fixing Nginx config, etc). It is rewarding (but also a bit overwhelming) experience to understand how it all works under the hood. Ultimately, you have to decide if you are willing to split your time between developing your app's business logic and devops.