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Best FREE Compilation of Graphic Design, WebDev, UI/UX Resources.

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I've compiled the links to the best resources for Graphic Designing; Web Development; UI/UX here. Please find the links to the websites under their respective category. Do Save this post for later use.
=>For ICONS:

http://icons8.com/ - 55,300 free icons. Yes, you've heard it. They're free and although it comes with some size and copyright restrictions.
https://iconpharm.com/ - 9,900 free icons. This one allows you to do multiple edits to icons before downloading them.
http://creativedo.co/FontAwesomePS - Fontawesome plugin right inside your photoshop, vector .svg format.
http://www.flaticon.com/ - A really good web-based archive for icons.
https://material.io/icons/ - A pretty nice collection of material design icons from google.
https://thenounproject.com/ - A really rad collection of icon sets for all kinds of design.
https://mariodelvalle.github.io/CaptainIconWeb/ - A single author created 350+ resizeable icons for your use.


https://www.toptal.com/designers/subtlepatterns/ - It's an awesome site to get clean patterns from.
http://thepatternlibrary.com - THIS WEBSITE IS AMAZING. Seamless patterns. Just. Amazing.
http://heropatterns.com- On Reference of Kevin McBride


https://unsplash.com/ - Unbelievably HD, beautiful, free photos that you can use.
https://stocksnap.io/ - A nice collection of HD stock photos all under CC0 license.
http://nos.twnsnd.co/ - This one is really cool, it's basically a site dedicated to vintage-type photos, of course, you can use the stocks as well.
https://pixabay.com/ - Don't you just love the CC0 license?
https://www.foodiesfeed.com/ - YOOOO. DESIGN + FOOD. No seriously, this is a lot like food porn. There's a lot of HD food goodies in here.
https://uifaces.co/ - A very useful website where you can basically get photos to use for mock avatars on any
https://www.photobash.org/ - More royalty-free stock photos!
https://pexels.com/ - Another fantastic site for free stock photos & videos. Referred by user Austin Standing from comments.


http://www.renders-graphiques.fr/galerie.htm - Mostly anime-related renders.
http://www.stickpng.com/ - A collection of renders for things like games, anime, memes, musicians, etc.


http://www.freepik.com/ - They have an unbelievable amount of free vectors you can utilize.
http://vecteezy.com/ - Also another free vector archive, though a bit more limited than freepik.
https://undraw.co/illustrations - Amazing crazy find, this website lets you use (.svg) vector illustrations.
https://worldvectorlogo.com/ - A collection of famous logos for different brands/companies around the world in .svg format!


https://webcreme.com - Design inspiration for the mock-up idea hungry designers.
http://littlebigdetails.com/ - For your daily dose of design inspiration.
https://niice.co/ - Just a lot of designs for every category you may be able to think of.
https://www.awwwards.com/ - Best Webdesign trends, they're sort of like the Grammys for music, except, its for web design.
https://logopond.com/ - A collection of really amazing logos to take inspiration from.


https://webkul.github.io/coolhue/ - Another resource to grab ideas of cool gradient combinations from.
http://www.sankk.in/material-mixer/ - Quite useful for mixing and matching colors for material design, UI/UX.
http://paletton.com/ - If you were running out of ideas for color combinations, this one really can save you.
https://pigment.shapefactory.co/ - A wonderful-looking resource website for picking colors. Palettes are contrast-friendly.
https://coolors.co/ - Another awesome website where you can generate color palettes.


https://www.grabient.com/ - Grab a gradient.
https://uigradients.com - A very cool looking website for gradients.

=>For FONTS:

https://fonts.google.com/ - Honestly if you didn't know you could get amazing free fonts from this website, I'm sort of judging you a bit :p
http://www.dafont.com/ - ALL DA FREE FONTS. See what I did there?
https://colorsandfonts.com/ - on the reference of user Micael-andreuzza from comments.

That's it, for now.
Did I miss any other site that might be useful? Let me know in the comments below!
Have a great day!


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kevnk profile image
Kevin Kirchner

This is awesome. Have you considered adding grayscale.design/app to your color palette list? You can focus on color values first so you can design in grayscale theoretically (or actually) then easily swap in any color and maintain the perfect contrast.

michaelandreuzza profile image

Just dropping here the one I made in case it fits!


exwhyzed profile image
ExWhyZed Author

Thats a great page as well! thanks for letting us know, added it in the post :)

michaelandreuzza profile image

Yaay!! Thank you. You are the man!

Btw, I am going to redesign it soon.

mcbrideke profile image
Kevin McBride

Nice collection! heropatterns.com/ is another great option for svg patterns.

exwhyzed profile image
ExWhyZed Author

Yes, thats a great website, added your suggestion in the post.

tomasroj profile image
Tomáš Roj

Great post! Saved. Would you like to consider adding my Adobe XD course ? I try to explain everything as best I can. It would be really appreciated!

rektdeckard profile image
Tobias Fried

Co-creator of phosphoricons.com here, come check us out! Just launched, 588 icons in 6 weights.

amravazzi profile image
André Ravazzi

Great article! I missed the blackillustrations.com (Beautiful illustrations of black people for your next digital project) and drawkit.io (100% free beautiful illustrations, updated weekly)

ikurosaki profile image

Excelente, muchas gracias !

ionutbuzatu profile image
Ionut Buzatu

Thank you for this article ! This is awesome.

You have the best resources for a begginer web designer.

exwhyzed profile image
ExWhyZed Author

My pleasure to help :)

chriszie profile image
Christine Zierold

Great collection. Thank you for sharing this with us.
Sometimes I use picjumbo.com/ to find stockphotos.

exwhyzed profile image
ExWhyZed Author

That's a fantastic site as well, but we are focusing majorly on websites which are completely free, and picjumbo has a premium section :)

austinstanding profile image
Austin Standing

This is great! I would add pexels.com as another free stock photo site.

exwhyzed profile image
ExWhyZed Author

Thanks for your comment, Austin. Added your reference to the post :)

rahulh123 profile image

I needed icons and I couldn't find any, so I decided to take a break and go on dev.to (not to look for icons) and I found this by coincidence. I am not exaggerating. 😂Thanks.

exwhyzed profile image
ExWhyZed Author

haha, I'm glad this helped you out