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🔥Complete Roadmap for Python🔥

expoashish profile image Ashish Yadav Updated on ・2 min read

In this tutorial, you will see basic to advance roadmap for python programming.

Step 1.Introduction

Step 2.Basics Concept

Step 3.Data Structure in Python

Step 4.Functional Programming

Step 5.Python Modules and Packages

Step 6.Exception Handling

Step 7.File Handling

Step 8.Advance Concept in Python

Step 9.Object Oriented Programming

Step 10.Popular Frameworks

Step 11.Best Python Libraries

Step 12.Best Python Libraries For Machine Learning

Step 13.Python Projects for Beginners

Student Management System
University Management System
Contact Management System
Bank Management System
Contact Book Project in Django

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Thank you for reading this blog. I wish you the best in your journey in learning and mastering in Python Programming.

Discussion (6)

kofipascal profile image

Am a beginner willing to learn more. Great insight

expoashish profile image
Ashish Yadav Author

Good Luck🔥

muhammadaadil50 profile image

Great Post.. Wish there is some excellent and concise resources with it to learn..

expoashish profile image
Ashish Yadav Author

Glad you think so 😍🔥

johnnyhopkins28 profile image

This is a very useful outline to learn Python and will build skills and competence.

expoashish profile image
Ashish Yadav Author

Glad you like it 😍🔥

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