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Basic Introduction to DART Programming Language

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In this tutorial we will discuss about DART programming language and We will learn their applications and features.

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What is DART?

DART stand for Dynamic Analytic Re-planning Tool.

DART is designed by Lars bark and Kespar.
DART is a general-purpose, object oriented, high-level modern programming language. DART is a dynamic, class-based, object-oriented programming language.

DART is a new programming language which is emerged in 2011 and developed by Google but its stable version was released in June 2017.

DART is quite similar to C, java and JavaScript. If you know any of these programming languages, you can learn it easily.

DART programming language supports two types of compilation techniques.
1. Ahead of Time(AOT)
2. Just-In-Time(JOT)

Features of DART:

    Easy to learn
Open Source
Browser Support
Fast on all platforms
Platform Independent
compiled language
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First Program in DART:

//first program of DART programming
print("Best Code Creator");

How to Save DART File:

The file extension of DART program should be .dart

Applications of DART:

    Server Side development
Web application
Mobile application
Desktop application
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