How to start a career as a web developer?

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As the name suggests, a Web Developer is associated with web development activities such as designing websites, developing applications, using different programming languages, and applying various web technologies. Web Developers also involve in managing site functionality i.e., website management services, implementing all the decided features, and integration of security measures. They help their clients in protecting their data from virus attack, damage, or unauthorized access.

If you go in more detail, you will get to know that they also expertise in object-oriented programming i.e., containing the data in the form of fields and/or in the form of procedure. They can also develop software for various platforms, popularly known as multi-platform development. Along with all these tasks, you can also find them developing web applications. Web development is a vast field, and a Web Developer is a very talented human, who is focused, hard-working, and a multi-tasker.

Web Development Specializations

Web Developers are the blend of creative vision with project management skills. They mainly specialize in one of the two tracks – ‘Front End Development’ or ‘Back End Development.’ Some developers are interested in showing their skills in both Front End and Back End Development. Thus, they are called ‘Full Stack Developers.’

Front End Development (also known as ‘Client-Side Development’) involves the usage of a variety of programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, and more. They built the exterior look and essential features of the site. On the contrary, Back End Development involves the usage of programming languages such as PYTHON and RUBY.

Steps to Become a Web Developer

  1. Choose a development specialization
  2. Get an education
  3. Develop technical knowledge
  4. Practice your coding skills
  5. Launch an online portfolio

Where to Learn Web Developer Skills?

  • Coding Bootcamps
  • Online Coding Tutorials
  • Online Coding Courses

These are the three most common platforms where anyone, no matter from which background he/she belongs, can learn the coding and get a fulfilling career path in the field of web developers.

Come Out From Your Comfort Zone

If you wish to pursue a successful career in the web development field, you need to conquer some underlying fears and stay away from the myths. Always remember;

  • Learning necessary coding will surely take you months, but not years. You can do it.
  • High-level math isn’t that important as you think. Don’t think much and just apply. You got this!
  • Even if you don’t have a college degree, then also you can achieve success in this field with your passion and hard work.

How Much a Web Developer Can Earn

According to the statistics provided by the ‘Indeed’ (an online platform for job seekers and recruiters), the salary of the entry-level of a Front Web Developer is 61,612 USD per year. After three years of experience, a mid-level developer earns approx. 108,409 USD p.a., and above that, a senior-level developer can make on an average of 128,148 USD per annum.

These pay ranges and salaries may vary according to the location, demand of developers, experience, and expertise in their required field. The need for Web Developers in this tech-oriented world is never-ending, and we humans are now caged in the world full of tech apps that make our lives easy.

How is a Web Designer Different than the Web Developer

Most of the people are confused between a web developer and a web designer. Some students may even risk their career choosing the wrong one, without getting the difference between these similar-looking but different fields. Here, we have already discussed Web Developers. The following paragraph is just to give a basic idea of what a Web Designer does as a professional.

Web Designer is responsible for designing the layout, visual appearance, and usability of the website. They have both - creative graphic skills as well as technical skills. They visualize how the content and website will look and how it will function? To become a web designer, one should know various designer packages such as – Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash, etc. and lots more.


That’s it for now! We hope you got all the necessary information you were looking for! If you are a student and want to pursue a career as a Web Developer, you are on the right track. Just follow your instincts, work on your passion, stay focused, and learn. We wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

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