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Excel Formulas to Highlight the Numbers between Two Values!!

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Conditional Formatting is a feature in Excel that allows us to change the format of cells based on a set of rules or conditions. In this tutorial, we are going to highlight the values between two numbers in Excel. Let’s get into this article!! Get an official version of ** MS Excel** from the following link:

Highlight values between
Highlight values between

Generic Formula:

  • Use the below formula to highlight the dates with the next N days.


Syntax Explanations:

  • AND – This function will check multiple conditions and returns *TRUE *if all the conditions are evaluated as true otherwise returns FALSE. Read more on theAND Function.
  • A1 – It represents the input value.
  • Comma symbol (,) – It is a separator that helps to separate a list of values.
  • Parenthesis () – The main purpose of this symbol is to group the elements.


Refer to the below example.

  • Here, we will enter the input values in Column B to Column E.
  • Now we are going to highlight the numbers between the two values.

Input ranges
Input ranges



This tutorial described the simple formula to highlight the values between two numbers in Excel. If you have any issue regarding this article or any unresolved query , please comment in the comment box below. We will assist you. Thank you for visiting our site!! To learn more, check out Geek Excel *and Excel Formulas *!!

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