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Can Cellek
Can Cellek

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My .dotfiles for MacOS and Ubuntu

I finally revamped my .dotfiles! It includes my MacOS and Ubuntu configurations. I am planning to add Alpine configuration for my iPad, and Arch configuration for my geeky needs.

Screenshot of my terminal


  • Fully customizable installation depending on OS
  • The installer script is seperated from configs and install scripts
  • A dotfiles manager for post-install maintenance
  • Has post-install scripts for configuring git, ssh and gpg
  • Requires git commands for syncing without fancy dotfile managers


  • Supports bash, zsh and fish with starship shell prompt and has tmux support
  • Replaces default terminal with Alacritty and kitty
  • Does not use any WM (on MacOS, only yabai and skhd used on top of the default DE)


You can find my dotfiles here:

The dotfiles setup scripts are heavily knocked-off inspired version of beautiful CΔƒtΔƒlin’s dotfiles. You should probably check it out!

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Gilbert Palau

Could I replace alacrity for tabby? for the terminal?