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Magic shop (c266276)

Recreational programming is a thing you do while nobody is watching you. So mine thing for the next few months will be about gamedev.

So brace yourself :)

There are many tools on the market, which remove a ton from a game developer. I am speaking about game builders, engines, assets etc etc. But my primary goal is to experience whatever challenges gamedev has to offer.

here we go: my first game.

I actually spend more time on it, more than 15min. Which is kinda embarrassing, because:

  • the game doesn't have any interactions with a human being
  • no game loop whatsoever
  • play it through test
  • extremely boring

So how do you play it?

Run test, which would execute two actions with different outcomes. What's all.

Did I mention it is embarrassing?

This is what you got using bottom-up design-driven approach using TDD. So blame Uncle Bob for promoting TDD, not me.

On a serious note.

Q: Why bottom-up design is a choice here?
A: I have no experience nor skill nor time to start from big picture.

Q: Why java?
A: It is my primary language as of now and it might be used for desktop, lambda, web, mobile...

Q: Why I see a single class with few trivial methods?
A: Because it is enough to "play" first scenario. I don't need any other interactions nor components.

Q: It is not a GAME!
A: According to definition ("activity engaged in for diversion or amusement", Merriam-Webster) it actually is.

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