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You cannot easily do it. Architecture is too big of change that also invalidates good percent of your test base (integration, system, etc). I am not sure if we are on the same page or not, but I treat architecture as fundamental decisions written in code which defines core properties of a given system. You can change it, but certainly NOT during refactoring. Mostly due to addiction of new properties and removal of others. Switching stacks from java to serverless lamda javascript is an example of architectural decision. Show me code transformation steps from one to another.
Another example is switching MVC to messaging.

Design is more flexible in that sense. Please don't mix system architecture and system design.

If you have tests, you are the king. But I would expect any good mature framework to have more stability than your codebase, btw I have seen your acceptance test.

Don't put me in single camp ;) I am not a framework evangelist nor a binary simpleton.