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World's leading Offshore Software Development Companies to Consider

Almost 80% of the world's largest companies have offshore development teams for their business operations.

The demand for talent pools in the new technologies like the Blockchain, Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Solutions, Robotic Process Automation, Virtual-reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) growing exponentially, companies need to invest in right OffShore Development teams.

The Buzz Surrounding the Offshore Development Center

The global outsourcing market amounts to nearly 92.5 billion in 2019. Well, this will grow more in the coming years. When thinking of outsourcing development projects, the ODC(Offshore Development Center) is a perfect choice. Interested to know more, this article briefs you about ODC, basics, its advantages and gives you a hand-picked list of the world's leading ODC teams.

What is an Offshore Development Center?

ODC- Offshore Development Center model usually denotes hiring a software development company which provides you with a team of developers or development service and solutions who operate from a different location and country.

Through this ODC model, it becomes easier to get delivery of IT services remotely from across the world with the reduction in the cost of a company’s operating expenses, increase productivity, render business agility and strengthen the core business.

When and Why Should you Consider ODC for Your Projects? Is it a cost-effective approach?

Every Organization works uniquely. When it comes to software development, most organizations find it difficult to cope up with new technologies, thus the need for adopting the Offshore Development Services arises.

Some possible scenarios when you can think about ODC for your Projects are:

  • Need for a specific technology stack talent
  • When your budget is limited for software development
  • Looking for a global reach
  • Willing to launch a project faster
  • Looking for Expert teams with support
  • Having Quick deadlines

If the above-stated scenarios it is essential to adopt the ODC model for your business growth. However, by hiring an Offshore development center the benefits you are going to gain are more in terms of best technical expertise and solutions including a professional dedicated team of developers and designers, customized software development, best application testing services, remote infrastructure, and hosting services, with data migration, backup, maintenance, and support.

Additionally, many ODC companies give options in their engagement models like a Fixed cost model or a retainer model, dedicated team model, and time & material-oriented model. It is crystal clear that when you hire an ODC, you get the best software development, developed by the industry's best resources and at your budget. Ideally, suitable for all business sizes ODC is a cost-effective model.

Are you thinking about hiring an Offshore Web Development Company? Here's your handbook of the Top Offshore development companies. Hope you will be able to find the one that suits your business projects.

List of Top Offshore Development Companies to Check Out

1) CONTUS DigitalTeams- Agile Driven Futuristic Offshore Development Services

CONTUS is a leading Digital Transformation company in India that also provides Offshore software development services by helping businesses to hire a remote team of developers and designers for software development and execution. Over a decade of establishment, a multifaceted digital expert team is what you get when you choose them.

Whether you are looking for a product engineering solution or an instant team who can take up your project in any technology vertical, or your project requires multiple teams with experts in UI/UX design, Web & E-commerce, or even a custom development, solution architects, you get them right.

CONTUS offers DevOps grounded Remote teams especially for the mobility solutions and guesses what you can stop worrying about the infrastructure automation, testing, and operations as the expert teams will look upon that for you. CONTUS is for all business Sizes.

2) Belit Soft - Dedicated Development team

Belit Soft is an Offshore outsourcing software development company with 15+ years of industry experience in Outsourced Development services. From Product Development, Web Development, UI/UX design, and custom application development with support and maintenance you can expect Belit Soft to help you with. An easy model to hire professionals and work with at a pricing model where you pay for what you get is all that Belit Soft offers to its clients.

3) Adreno technologies - A Dedicated Offshore Software Development Service Provider

Adreno Technologies an Offshore web development company in India known for their customer-centric engagement models, they deliver a robust software solution to enterprises around the world. They support custom software solutions ranging application development, Software as a Service(SaaS), UI/UX design, and development with the help of a talent pool in all technologies including open source CMS and Zend, CakePHP frameworks.

4) To The New - A Strategic Offshore Development company with a Difference

To The New is an India-based Digital technology Company that is known for its Offshore web Development Services. At, To The New, they infuse agile best practices for onboarding resources and project management. Highlights include delivery of Over 200+ web and mobile applications through Offshore Software Development by To The New. Their services include Interface design, Custom product development, mobility, and smart TV, automated testing and cloud managed services to name a few.

5) Mind IT Systems - A Reliable Technical Partner to trust

MIND IT Systems is an India-based Offshore Software development company. When you have quick delivery requirements, Mind IT System can help you sort it right. Taking care of your IT team for you is what they will do when you partner for an ODC model with them. From custom product development, project transparency with technical expertise and process-orientation is all you can count on them.

6) Cuelogic - Output-Driven Offshore Development Center

Cuelogic is 11+ years of Pune(India)-based Offshore Product Development Company. The state-of-art infrastructure and Output driven delivery are the USPs of Cuelogic. With over 100+brands served, they ensure best-in-class product development. They follow automation and Data first approach with Ops Enabled engineering ensures measurable sprints in the development cycle. From IoT to Data and machine learning, their resources possess vast expertise in technology.

7) Next webi - A ODC that works as your team

Nextwebi IT Solutions is an India-based Offshore Development Company with its dedicated Offshore Development Center in Bangalore and New Delhi. They are known for their services including product design and architecture, E-commerce, SaaS, CRM Project management, and other developments. Delivering high-end development solutions at a competitive market price is their USP. From an unmatched UI/UX design to the best web application development and maintenance and 24x7 support you can benefit from all these by partnering with them as your ODC for projects.

Outsourcing as a Focal Point, the Future looks Brighter!

The changing digital trends are inevitable, to sustain in the market and concentrating on core business is what organizations should have as their primary focus. The shift from onshore Software development centers to offshore Software Development is mainly due to the availability of full-stack technology experts at an economical-budget frame. Along with this management of the remote teams is easier with DevOps and Collaboration tools.

Thus, utilizing the right resource for project execution and delivery is seamless with Outsourcing to the Best Offshore development companies. Invest rightly in an ODC Company who understands you better and helps you benefit more!!

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Thank you for the article! Here are some benefits that your business will receive of working with offshore software developers: highly-qualified specialists, lower competition for the tech talent, access to rare expertise, ability to scale quickly.

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Thanks for this useful list! By the way, if you are looking for a company in Montreal, I advise you to take a look at this top from Cleveroad.

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