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Top Companies to Hire Remote Developers for Your Project

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Remote development teams are intrinsic to the successes of many companies big and small, including household names such as Buffer, Facebook and Spotify. Not only does remote development provide flexibility, but it also allows for the recruitment of strong talent. It ensures steady hands-on progress on several projects at the same time, which isn’t possible with a single development team and limited resources.

Companies may decide to hire a dedicated remote development team for many reasons:

  • To tap into global talent networks
  • To increase operations without spending on office space and hardware
  • To ensure more flexibility for staff and, in turn, better productivity
  • To maintain social distancing regulations and keep workplaces safe for the limited number who come in

Regardless of the reason, to hire a remote development team is to open up new avenues for the company without increasing operational costs. That said, such a process comes with its fair share of unique challenges, especially given that face-to-face interactions have been a workplace norm for several years now.

The biggest challenge of the bunch is figuring out where and how to hire digital teams that meet your exact requirements, such that they function as an extension of your in-house team. Luckily, several companies exist solely to help other businesses hire remote engineering teams with minimal fuss and at affordable rates.

Here are some of those providers who make hiring a remote team of developers almost a cakewalk:

Curated List of top companies to hire remote developers:


CONTUS DigitalTeams enables all businesses, regardless of size, to thrive digitally. Their remote digital development services run the gamut of full-stack operations, from front-end design and UI/UX to stable backend development and continuous QA testing, etc.

Their remote development teams are well-equipped to build every possible experience across web platforms, mobile apps, SaaS solutions and portals. For companies looking to hire dedicated developers for their projects, CONTUS DigitalTeams provides full-stack solutions deployed by a team of highly experienced professionals.

2) Arc

Arc helps companies hire dedicated remote developers through an efficient and organisation-specific hiring process that has much in common with those of Silicon Valley giants. Arc has a talent engine that finds and enlists developers from top companies including Google– only the top 1.1% of developers in who are interviewed make it to their talent pool.

They offer contracted or permanent hire packages and even offer a trial period with free re-matches in the first three months. The hiring company will have the final say in who makes the cut, but Arc takes care of all the pesky paperwork.

3) Intuz

Intuz is a mobile, web and IoT web app development company whose teams function as extended arms for other firms in need of remote teams. Intuz’s solutions go from concept to deployment across a number of services including mobile app development, cloud computing and IoT development.

Intuz has offices in San Francisco and San Jose in the US and Ahmedabad in India. This allows them to create teams for companies of any size or scale in these cities to operate within the entire country.

4) Trio

Trio helps companies hire remote software developers through an intensive curation process. They cater to small and medium-sized companies and help them rope top talents who are usually gobbled up by tech monopolies.

Trio specializes in finding and hiring software engineering talent alone. This focus allows them to pool all their resources towards the cream of the crop. Despite being headquartered in the US, Trio collaborates with global professionals such that hiring companies are given a wide choice of developers to suit their needs and ideal demographic.

5) YouTeam

YouTeam is a global marketplace from which companies can hire remote developers. They help companies contract offshore talent within just one week, enabling faster progress on projects with minimum hiccups. YouTeam’s talent pool is curated with the help of veteran professionals as well as independent skill assessments through HackerRank for Work™.

The hiring company can interview candidates directly and take full control of choosing the finalists. YouTeam helps manage the bureaucratic processes in the background and even has a seamless platform for payments and contracts that companies can use.

6) Net Solutions

Net Solutions is a software development company that creates bespoke platforms and end-to-end software development solutions. They function as a remote development team that takes care of the project assigned, taking it from concept to completion with the help of skilled developers.

Net Solutions takes into consideration the exact requirements of a client, but also chips in with their years of experience. They can work on their own or in tandem with your in-house development team. This reduces the stress of hiring dedicated app developers and instead turns the business’ attention to reaching goals.

7) Techcronus

Techcronus focuses on mobile app development solutions for startups, enterprises and small and medium businesses. Techcronus looks to negate the need to hire dedicated mobile app developers for in-house teams by functioning as your remote team.

Their list of services covers both the essential and the nice-to-have including web and mobile app development, UI/UX design, maintenance and QA and business intelligence and analytics. Their top-tier offshore operations have reduced client IT costs by a whopping 50%.


If you’re looking to hire remote software developers within dipping into your budget too much, you’ve got help, in the form of these seven companies and several others like them.

Remote development teams were once the preference of only a few forward-thinking companies. Today, however, hiring remote development teams is more common than ever, fueled by the pandemic but also by changing hiring trends and budget allocations.

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