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Ibne Nahian
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TypeScript vs JavaScript

Is is possible that in future browsers will recognize TypeScript ?

Please let me know your good reasons why it should happen or not.

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Nothing is certain but at this stage it seems a bit unlikely. Don't know about the far future :)

Browsers have virtual machines that are highly optimized towards JS and, increasingly, WebAssembly. TypeScript transcompiles to JS so there's no advantage in adding such tooling inside the browser.

If your target is JS you can keep using TS, if your target is WebAssembly then you can use tools like AssemblyScript, which is basically a reduced version of TS, or any other language that compiles to WASM.

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Michiel Hendriks

There is little future in supporting another script language. There is more future in a compiled web environment (i.e. WASM). TypeScript would compile directly to WASM instead of the horrible unfixable mess of JavaScript.

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ecyrbe • Edited

Typescript being just a superset of JavaScript (JavaScript with type anotations) it could happen. You just need to remove two things from typescript for this to happen:

  • enums which is not in javascript
  • @ annotations who are also not in javascript

And to contradict other people that talked about wasm, transpiling typescript to wasm is an horrible Idea. See last video of the developpers at typescript conf why it is horrible.

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Brendan Cowley

"OMG, I can now write (insert language here) for the client!"


I'll probably be the dissenter here, but if the main browsers adopt it...meh. I don't really see a reason... with the caveat that just because you can do something doesn't mean that you should. You do you... just don't mess with JS ;-)