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🌱 I Built an Ultimate Hub for Developer Tools and Resources


It’s been a long time coming but today I’m excited to share a pet project of mine that I’ve been working on for the last few months:

I’ve been saying for a little while now that I’ve been working on something behind the scenes and it’s finally ready!

(Well at least my MVP version is ready 😁)

What is Dev Pages?

Dev Pages is what I would describe as an Ultimate Hub for Developer Tools and Resources.

Remember Yellow Pages? That directory we used to use back in the day to find local businesses and services? Well, Dev Pages is like a directory for developers (hence the name 😃).

All developers both newbies and experienced devs, know how important is it to have access to the right resources at our fingertips.

It’s how we work best.

Without the right tools, we wouldn’t be able to create and build so many awesome applications and software.


Dev Pages Screenshots

🛠 Over 300 tools and resources (new tools added weekly).

🚀 Each tool has a description page with links to any relevant documentation, GitHub and Discord resources.

🔍 Search for tools by Category e.g. UI Libraries, Frameworks, IDEs, Node Packages plus many more!

🏷 Search for tools by Tags e.g. React, JavaScript, Deployment, Docs, Design plus many more!

📩 Suggest and submit a tool to be added to Dev Pages.

What’s more, Dev Pages is more than just a directory of tools and resources for developers; it's a platform designed to empower developers to build their best work.

And hopefully, soon it will be a place where creativity meets utility, making the process of developing websites, applications, and software not just easier, but more efficient and enjoyable.

Why I Built Dev Pages

As with a lot of indie project ideas, Dev Pages was born out of trying to solve a problem for myself.

As some of you may already know, I am a mostly self-taught developer, and when you’re teaching yourself how to code the first place you’re always going to turn to for information is the Internet.

However, if you were to Google something like “the best code editors”, you’ll find endless blogs showing you different tools, and I find myself going from article to article just to get an overall picture of all the tools available.

I’m someone who generally likes to explore all options available before I decide on anything, and so if there was a platform I could go to where I knew it would have all (or at least most) of the tools I was looking for then that would be my first choice to go to.

For example, if I’m looking to get a takeaway for dinner I’d usually go straight to Just Eat as I know I’ll easily get to see loads of options. Or similarly, if I want to buy a used new used car, then I know I can go to Auto Trader.

A platform like Dev Pages solves that problem, I wanted to create a one-stop-shop for all developer tools and resources to live and be found.

I know it’s quite a big challenge I set for myself, as there are thousands of things developers can use out there, but I see this as at least a stepping stone for something that will be useful for many.

My Future Plans for Dev Pages

At the beginning of this year, I decided that I wanted to really try and help people who either wanted to learn how to code or were trying to learn.

I started writing on this platform to share useful articles and my insights on how new learners could make their journeys as smooth as possible by using the right tools and productivity tips.

As I always say, I see myself as an ever-growing dev and I wanted to create a community of ever-growing devs with you all, where we can share our knowledge and embark on our journeys together.

I see Dev Pages as part of my journey for helping developers get access to the best tools for learning and growth.

At the moment, Dev Pages has 340 tools and resources, and my aim is to grow the platform and add even more features whilst building this all out in public.

I want this to be the largest hub for developer resources and tools and at the same time my goal is to continually grow and evolve both it and myself.

I’m doing this all in my spare time, and therefore I know with most indie projects the aim is to eventually find a way to help keep things sustainable, but one thing’s for sure is that I want the platform to remain FREE forever for everyone to access.

Instead, I’d love to be able to work with other projects and businesses, to help Dev Pages be the best platform it can be.

For now, I have a whole bunch of future features I want to add to make it better, but I’m tired of being stuck in my own head 😅

So that’s where I’d love to get some user feedback and advice. Please feel free to leave a comment or to reach out to me here or on Twitter(X?), for anything you think would help make Dev Pages great, as well as if you find it useful or not.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

I'll also be continuing to share my journey building Dev Pages, so be sure to continue following if you'd like to see where it goes from here 🚀

As always,

From your fellow ever-growing dev,

Cherlock Code

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lakhanmukhija profile image
Lakhan Mukhija

Hey, just wanted to say this sounds like such an awesome tool and something I would definitely include in my go-to sites.
As of now the site isn't loading I'm not sure of why, but I'm eager to try once it's working.

evergrowingdev profile image
Cherlock Code 🔎

Thank you so much! 😊
Yes had a small outage yesterday, but should be working again now 👍