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What is programming <>??

So what is programming </> ???

Let's assume you come across IT or computer science and you have learn it with zero knowledge of anything to do with a computer and obvious along the way you meet or rather you have to come across with the word programming. Do you question yourself what is this thing called programming, or do you just follow the crowd flow with the course till the end you finish the course and still have no idea of what programming in details is about!

So in simple terms programming is basically process of creating a set of instructions using codes that tells or instructs a computer, application or software programs how to perform.

Is programming sweet??

Well it depends, I mean we all find ourselves doing programming. Some do it for fun, some do it for passion, some do it just because they have no second option or it's their second or last option. So saying programming is sweet would be unfair to the category of those that do it for fun, and not for passion and also those that they only do it just because they had no option.

Can you still love programming with zero knowledge??

But ofcos yes but there's a catch here if you wanna learn to love programming with zero knowledge of what programming is or coding in other words then there must be passion involved.

Programming just requires passion and try and dig more about programming not just sit around and wait for everything to flow.

I know all these information we can get when we google!!!!
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Andrew Baisden

Learning programming is one thing that I will never regret. It changed everything for me and for the better 😄