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Melbite blogging Platform
Melbite blogging Platform

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My way and journey into tech 😊

Whom Am I ❓

Am Evans, software developer/engineer, web dev instructor and a founder. I have 4.5 years of experience in programming at the time of writing this article. And this is my Journey into tech.

I started college in the fall of 2018 as a Computer Science major at a private university in Kenya. That first quarter ended very poorly for me and had me questioning whether or not I could make it at the school. From what I could see, everyone else was so smart and doing so well! (In reality, I think a ton of us were struggling silently and alone.)

The next two quarters went much better. I loved my programming courses and had to work really hard in my math ones.

They taught us introduction to C programming. It was amazing to me. Having power over my computer and telling it exactly what I wanted to do gave me such a feeling of accomplishment.

2019 went on so well, I got the chance to explore several programming languages including Java, Python, and the ultimate Javascript 😊,
Covid came and the world got on hold and that's when I got to practice my programming and problem solving skills.
I meet my first client during the pandemic and I was really impressed for someone can pay me to write a piece of code. This pushed me to learn between 15 - 20 hours each day.

2021 and 2022 has been the years of changing code into solutions. I created a small software dev agency website which generated revenue from clients and then came my second project which has transformed content sharing over the internet.

Melbite is a blogging platform for all categories from technology, science, agriculture, etc

Now I work as a web dev instructor at power learn project handling Javascript development.

Why I went for web dev

I Love beautiful things which python and Java could not make me build as a beginner. Web dev is also diverse that gives a wide range of technologies and problems to solve.

Technologies I use

  • Javascript
  • Typescript
  • ReactJs, NextJs, Redux
  • NodeJs

What have learned.

  • Tech is hard but you need to keep pushing.
  • Choose one stack and get good at it.
  • Spending more time on one thing shortens the learning curve.


Tech is hard but easy when you get good in problem solving. Getting into tech was the most expensive and amazing gift in my life for it's high paying and I can get whatever I need.

Share your Journey into tech and let others learn from your experience.

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Alice 🧞‍♀️✨

Hey Evans, so great everything you have achieved! 🚀

I use Brave as my browser, and I think you can benefit from their Rewards program for content creators:

Keep kicking ass 💪

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