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My Unexpected journey into data science

My journey into data science, I would say, is quite different from most stories out there because unlike most in the field, I wasn't always interested in data science.

But Imagine getting a call from your boss and being informed you’ve been promoted to a data science position, Who am I to say No? 😊

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A brief story of my software development life

During my school days, I wanted to be an architect, I like complex structures and roads. But I wasn’t meant to be one. I didn't get good enough grades for the course. That's when I went to option 2 on my career list, “IT”

2018, I learned everything that came my way from C, C++, Python, Java, PHP, and Javascript. Then I discovered my interest existed in web dev. COVID-19 was with us and soon everyone was on lockdown. That’s when I grew my skills. Over 15 hours a day writing code. Tiresome, right? But I enjoyed learning.

Money, The leading factor

Just like most graduates dream, the goal is to make money either through building a startup or employment. After a few months of job search, I landed a web development Instructor position at a pan-African Institution. Since then have gone through a series of growth, promotions from assistant instructor to module Lead, and now a data science position.

My experience in Data Science

My data science position came as an unexpected promotion. I received a call from my boss

Boss: “ Evans, you are now the data admin”
Me: “Mmm, Okay Susan”
Boss: “Plan to report to office in 2 days”
Me: “Mmmh, Okay”

This was the shortest notice ever received from my boss. She never cared about my skills in data science but she believed in me. The only tool I knew was a few functions in a spreadsheet. I had zero skills in making decisions based on data. Since then, have been doing research, spending countless hours perfecting my new art, and making better decisions. Experimenting with different tools used in data science such as Excel and Tensorflow.

Lessons am learning.

Learn how to learn - Learning how to adjust and learn new skills will land you in better positions and broaden up your knowledge.
Learning in the Job - most skills are learned in the job. Just apply for that position and be flexible to learn on the job.
Come out of your comfort zone -Push yourself to try new things, and never say no to things that will bring growth.


Accepting the new position has brought a significant change in my life. Learning new skills such as predictions, and better decision-making. In general. Data science is a fascinating and interesting world of its own. I can't wait to face all the challenges that come with it, and learn new skills 😊

Are you learning or did you learn new skills in the job just like me? 😊 Share your experience below 🚀

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