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Front-End Development Roadmap for 6 months

Let me give you a simple🚦roadmap to know where you are and where you should go next in front-end software development.

Recently I wrote an article on #300DaysOfCode, which is equivalent to 10 months of code.

🔑 Common Concepts

Every website has two parts. The Front-end, and the Back-end.

  • Front end - is the part where you see it in the browser and interact with it.
  • Back-end - the part that powers the front end. It's behind the scenes, and it's mainly the databases.

🌐What Job Opportunities are there in front-end development?

  • Website and App Design
  • Website development
  • App development

What do front-end developers do?

Front-end developers have various tasks and opportunities to venture into, this includes system visual design, website, and app development, etc.

🧑‍🎨 What are the Tools Used In Front-end Design?

  • Figma - Figma is a tool used in designing websites, apps, posters, business cards, etc
  • Canva - Just like Figma, canva is a tool designed to create designs for apps, websites, presentations, and many more.
  • Adobe - Adobe is another useful tool used in design. Learn Figma design here

What are the most commonly used front-end development Programming Languages?

  • HTML - Hypertext Markup Language, most people call it the skeleton of the web.
  • CSS - We use CSS to style our website
  • Javascript - Most people call Javascript the engine of the web, without Javascript today, building dynamic websites would be a pain in the a$$. Learn Javascript Best Practices here

What are the common front-end Frameworks?

  • ReactJs - ReactJs was created by Facebook (meta) to make building websites a fast activity.
  • NextJs - This is a reactJs framework that is an improvement of ReactJs.
  • Svelte - The most admired front-end framework today.

🛣️Front-end development Roadmap for 6 months

Becoming a proficient front-end developer requires mastering various skills and technologies within a relatively short timeframe.

Below, is a comprehensive roadmap to help you achieve this goal in 6 months:

1. Month One: 🦴Fundamentals of Frontend Development

In this month, learn

  • HTML - Learn basic HTML tags.
  • CSS - Learn CSS basics.
  • Portfolio - Create a static portfolio website.

Learn ReactJs Basics today at

2. Month Two: 🍖Intro To Javascript & Git

  • Git & GitHub - Learn some CLI commands and git commands.
  • Javascript - here you will learn basic javascript concepts such as variables, datatypes, and basic uses of Javascript
  • Portfolio - from the previous portfolio created, add some interactivity to the website.
  • Deployment - deploy your portfolio to GitHub pages.

3. Month Three: 🌦️Functions, Control Flow, Git & GitHub

  • Functions - Functions are building blocks in any programming language.
  • Control Flow & DOM - Here, you will learn to make decisions with Javascript
  • Git &GitHub - during this period, you will dive deeper into GitHub concepts such as: pull, merge, deployments, etc

4. Month Four: 🛸Working with API's

During this month, we assume that you have covered enough of Javascript as a beginner. To improve your skills, learn:

  • JSON - Creating simple API with JSON
  • Third-Party API - using third-party API like placeholder, you will learn important concepts like fetch, Axios, etc

5. Month Five: 🌥️Introduction To ReactJs

In ReactJs, you'll learn basic concepts such as

  • ReactJSX - learn es6 and JSX
  • React Components - learning components best practices and use of props
  • React Routes

Join to learn ReactJs basic

6. Month Six: 🌥️Advanced React Concepts and Project

During the last month of this long dedication. You can learn

🔚 Conclusion

By following this timeline and dedicating consistent effort to learning, you can acquire valuable front-end development skills within 6 months.

Thanks for reading this article,

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