Discussion on: What JS Libraries Have You Made?

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Evan Plaice

UMD is probably the best universal target until IE can be dropped.

I don't use TS for library dev but all my libs are TS compatible. I kinda hope TS overtakes Webpack for compilation b/c its output is a lot more faithful to the spec. ESM in webpack is pretty much just CommonJS w/ ESM syntax and a lot of Node-specific behavior.

Spec ESM is damn good. Tree-shaking to remove dead code works beautifully. The major downside is you can't use non-strict JS w/ modules so it'll obsolete a ton of older libraries. That and pre-ESM libs that yeet their namespace onto the global context are painful to integrate.

For lib dev I use JS to lower the barrier-to-entry for contributors, add JSDoc types that compile to TS typings for all the type checking/intellisense goodies, and ship CommonJS for Node backward compat. Tooling w/ ESM support (ex testing) is still lagging but that should get better as time goes on.

Thanks! The wc-markdown is my favorite of the collection. It's what loads all of the content on my personal website. Hopefullt, one day I'll finish that markdown-es parser so I can optimize the heck out of it.