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Data Connection in UI Bakery Low-Code Platform, Finally!

Eugenia Evtushenko
Content Manager at Akveo with 3+ years of experience in the IT sphere with the focus on no-code and low-code application development and UI Bakery in particular. Murakami lover.
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UI Bakery releases Data connection.
From now, you can not only build a customizable front-end but also connect any API to it, and thus get a functional web app without leaving the platform.

Main possibilities Data connection provides:
– Fetch any data from the backend by calling any HTTP API.
– Create and manage data collections.
– Connect your data to various UI components: charts, maps, images, tables, etc.
– Create and manage workflows – the sets of steps that are meant to react to user interactions.
– Integrate your frontend with any third-party API.
– Write pieces of your own JavaScript code to modify your workflows, and more.

Check the details, and see the new functionality in action in UI Bakery.

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