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Building an education web app in a day

Eugenia Evtushenko
Content Manager at Akveo with 3+ years of experience in the IT sphere with the focus on no-code and low-code application development and UI Bakery in particular. Murakami lover.
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My team working on UI Bakery, a low-code development platform, is supporting small businesses in the current times. We’re holding free Webinars to show how to build web apps with responsive design using our platform. No coding skills needed.
The next webinar will be held this Friday (May 15) at 1 p.m. (EST) / 7 p.m. (CET) where we'll focus on creating an #education management web app aimed at digitizing education processes. Any questions on no(low)-code app development are welcome after the webinar ends!
See the details and sign up for the webinar here:
Even if you're not familiar with the platform, come and see how easy it is to create a full-fledged web app without coding.

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