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ArtistAssistApp - the open source web app to paint better with ease 🖌️🎨🖼️

Are you a professional or beginning artist? Or have you always wanted to learn how to paint with watercolors, oil paints or acrylics?

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ArtistAssistApp is the open source web app to paint better with ease.

  • 🖌️ 🎨 🖼️ Tools for realistic color mixing based on real paints, tonal value drawing, simplified sketching, and more.
  • 🧑‍🎨 Perfect for artists of all levels and styles, whether you prefer watercolor or oil, realism or loose techniques, landscapes or portraits.
  • 📱 💻 🖥️ Works on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
  • 🔓 No login or registration required.
  • #️⃣ The source code is available on GitHub.

Try it now at


🎨 Realistic color mixing

Import your own photos, select any desired color directly from the image, and learn how to mix it with your paints.

Our web app provides a step-by-step guide on how to precisely mix that color using your own paints using atomic or optical mixing.

Atomic mixing is the physical mixing of colors together, while optical mixing is the result of placing a transparent layer of color over another color (glaze technique).

ArtistAssistApp realistic color mixing based on real paints

The color of a paint mixture is calculated as the weighted geometric mean of the paints' reflectance curves. The reflectance curves of paints and mixes can be visualized.

ArtistAssistApp paint mix spectral reflectance curve

🎨 Palette

Save instructions on how to mix your favorite colors from the paints you have for quick reference.

ArtistAssistApp palette tool

🖌️ Simplified sketch

Smooth your photo to reduce detail and focus on the big shapes and proportions of your subject, and learn how to simplify and abstract your paintings.

ArtistAssistApp simplified sketch

✏️ Tonal values

Use tonal value sketches that capture the light and shadow of your subject to learn how to create contrast and depth in your paintings.

ArtistAssistApp tonal values

Implementation details

This project does not use artificial intelligence (AI), but rather mathematics.

The core logic of the project doesn't depend on any math or color library and includes the implementation of the following:

  • converting between color models (e.g. sRGB to CIELAB),
  • sRGB to spectral reflectance curve,
  • matrix operations,
  • matrix inversion using LU decomposition,
  • solving a system of linear algebraic equations using forward and backward substitution,
  • weighted geometric mean,
  • the average color of the circular area of the image
  • color difference using CIEDE2000,
  • vector operations,
  • fast median blur using sliding window and histogram,
  • RGB to grayscale conversion based on luminance,
  • and more.

The source code is available on GitHub.

🖌️ 🎨 🖼️ ArtistAssistApp was created together with professional artist for professional and beginning artists. It's easy to use, interactive, and fun. Try it today and unleash your creativity!

Find us on Product Hunt, ask questions, leave comments.

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