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Discussion on: Do you have any "smart home" projects in the works or in mind?

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eugelon • Edited on

At a time when smart home is being used in all types of homes, it is important to clearly define the type of building site your smart home project will be anchored to. Whether your project involves construction, renovation, rental or a medical procedure, it is important to define it well in order to find the most suitable solutions.

  1. What type of equipment for your smart home project?
    Today, smart home is a vast universe that offers electrical solutions to many elements of the home for issues of comfort, energy savings, safety, but also health. Roller shutters, garage doors, gates, lighting, heating and air conditioning, alarm systems, electrical outlets, household appliances, connected medical devices, the list of smart home equipment is long.

  2. Which technology to choose for your smart home system?
    Once you have chosen your equipment, the question arises as to the technology used for your system. Once again, several choices are available to you. There are three main communication systems: intra home, extra home and man/machine. For communication inside the home, you can opt for wired (Ethernet, cable,...), wireless (wifi, Bluetooth,...) or infrared technology. Communication outside the home uses mainly internet and 3G networks to allow remote control from anywhere. For man/machine communication, a website or a mobile application is generally sufficient.

  3. Which automatisms for your equipment?
    In order to respond automatically to particular events, without having to intervene yourself, you can couple your equipment to automatisms. These include, for example, a clock function to trigger the opening or closing of shutters, a sun sensor to control the raising or lowering of your blinds, motion sensors to trigger your lighting or your alarm, or temperature sensors to start or stop the heating. Once again the field of possibilities is vast.

  4. Which control equipment for your system?
    In order to control your smart home system, you will need control equipment. Several systems are generally proposed: the remote control, the computer, the tablet or the smartphone. The choice of your equipment will obviously depend on the technology chosen for your equipment and the use you wish to make of it. As people are nowadays connected to the Internet almost permanently thanks to wifi and 3G networks, the use of tablets and smartphones is becoming the preferred tools in control systems.

  5. Which scenes should be programmed?
    Once you have chosen your equipment and how it works, all you have to do is create your smart home scenes and program them. To do so, everything will depend on your habits and your rhythm of life. We generally distinguish programming scenes of waking up, leaving home, coming home, night and holidays. In addition to these life programming scenes, it is up to you to take control of the various media in your home as you see fit to provide you with maximum comfort in your home.

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graal432 • Edited on

Smart home project, huh? I like when I think of doing something in my house. When you work on a home project, you should calculate everything right. I don't love it when the place is too hot, so I'd suggest putting an aircon in your project. Use the technology you can find, and it depends on your preferences. Maybe you would like bluetooth or something like that. I told you about aircon because I had problems with many companies which provide these services. So, if you need aircon service, you can check

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Budei Nicolai • Edited on

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