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E-day: A festival of knowledge sharing & caring

In our daily 9-6 jobs, we hardly get a chance to pop out of our regular duties and spread our wings into something interesting to expand our knowledge spectrum, not getting a chance to try out some silly crazy things might also lead to experience monotonous feeling from the work. I think it is important to try out new things from time to time to get energize and live up to the spirit. E-day came to us to kill our boredom if there is any, to spread the knowledge, to build up the bonding, to grow the network, and of course to enjoy a fine day with great people.

E-day is a festival which occurs every last Friday of a month here at Etribes, it is a day where members of Etribes can leverage their knowledge by actively participating in different workshops, every speaker prepares something on some concrete topic with defined agenda and conducts the workshop, this way, the speaker can also build up their presenting skills. This day is solely supported by Etribes to develop one's skills and polish the rough edges.

Apart from developing the skills, E-day being a platform, gives an opportunity to build up team spirit, to open up an idea, and to be bold. I usually compare E-day with Christmas 🎅 It is very common here at Etribes that we don't see our colleagues on a regular basis since we are highly client-centric and we do find ourselves at the client's station more often. But E-day is a day where all Etribes family members come back to Office and celebrate it together just like at Christmas.

It is a tradition at Etribes that E-day always ends up with some surprises, a big shout-out to our E-day Squad Team, they always find a way to surprise the members; Ballon Football, Bowling, Beer & Barbecue, Beach Volleyball (lots of B... 🤩). As I am writing this article, our E-day Squad Team is on preparation to execute a very fine E-day #20 tomorrow, since it's the last Friday of the month Septemeber 😁.

During this E-day journey, lots of interesting workshops took place on a series of different issues and themes. The participants got a very fantastic opportunity to collect vast varieties of knowledge & experiences. As I recall, I am seriously impressed by the following sessions which I have found very much interesting and had lots of things to offer as a takeaway.

# How to: Personal Branding by Nils & Michel

The biggest takeaway I had from this session is that no matter how deep is your message, it doesn't get spread far away if you don't have a proper mass of audience. After getting some inspiration, I also started expanding my connections pretty seriously especially on LinkedIn so that I would have much more interactions with the people and much more exchange of ideas and opinions. I couldn't attend this session personally since all seats were already taken before I could register 🙈 but still, I was able to watch it in our Knowledge Base. We try to record the session so that interested people can always get benefited from it anytime anywhere.

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# Open Fuck up Session by Roger & David

The biggest highlight of this session was that it conveyed the message that it's all right to talk about your mistakes, your failures, the wrong turn you took, and its consequences. There is no shame in sharing the experiences of bad moments because every single bad moment teaches us something to do in the right way next time. I recall the line by Thomas A. Edison - "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."
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# Healthy Meal Prep by Melanie

This session was a very good example that how vibrant the E-day is, it doesn't always have to be techy or business-oriented, it also can be something which is directly affecting our living style. A truly simplest session, at the same time, conveying a great message, with a tiny bit of effort you definitely can save your health as well as money.
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# Buzzword Clean Up by Benny

This session was one of the most interactive sessions I have ever had in this E-day Journey. It was truly successful in bringing tech-oriented as well as business-oriented people together and helping them interacting and exchanging the knowledge with the help of the Buzzword Jeopardy game. It was really fun playing this game and gaining some knowledge of various random buzzwords.
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E-day being a part of Etribes, it is also growing as we are growing, the level of interactions and the intensity of message is increasing as the family member of Etribes is increasing. I sincerely would like to thank Etribes for bringing this culture and keeping it alive no matter what.

I would be glad to know if you folks also have this kind of culture or knowledge sharing program at your working station, please do share. Cheers.

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