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Discussion on: IDE’s are stuck in the past

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Etienne Burdet

We are leagues away from the level of customization that desktop editors offers : I have dozens of Atom packages and full custom config files. I don't see that happening to a cloud based editors anytime soon.

And cloud editors are slooooowwwww… I'd love to love glitch, codesandbox etc. but when you start opening more than a couple files, performances melt. Maybe yours is different… maybe not :p

Now that your dev environment runs in the cloud is another story, especially when you have a big app. An excellent article on subject can be found here : 

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Elias Groll

We are already way faster than glitch, gitpod, and codesandbox (lol), mainly because we designed specifically for a cloud env. Codesphere will hardly run on your desktop (though you can mount a fs and use your local IDE's).

It is not meant to replace your local environment but we aim to extend it with a cloud provider which is REALLY build for developers and the UI is a dedicated IDE which you might not have to leave.