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Discussion on: Do they teach "pointers" in bootcamp? Should they?

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Etienne Burdet • Edited on

Not in the one I did (Le Wagon) and there is no realistic way they do. We did however, implicitely learn how to by reference and value. Just the thing wasn't named or conceptualised, we were taught some examples, what they do and where to use them.

Bootcamps—as opposed to academic learning—main goal is to learn as few as possible, to build as much as much possible in a short time. There is more than enough tooling and high level languages out there to not even think about it. Pointers are useless for web development, they are useless for most of datascience and I am not even sure if game devs use them anymore with tools like Unity or Goddot.

And if you have to learn them one day, you can always sit with a good book and try. But that day is faaaaaar away from the bootcamp for most people.

I know people will quote Joel Spolsky all over the place. But his eugenist view of the thing is just disguting to begin with.