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Discussion on: Is "fundamentals first" the best approach to learning web development?

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Etienne Burdet

I beg to disagree: in theory it would be perfect if you could gather all the knowledge to chose between let's say mini-homemade-MVC and React. In practice that is a very tough task for even the most seasoned devs/CTO, let alone a beginner.

I would rather say, the day you can make that, you have mastered the fundamentals. Before that, I think you're much better off trying something a bit blindly and learn from your mistakes.

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Austin S. Hemmelgarn

But that doesn't mean that knowing the fundamentals first can't help you significantly. I'll admit my particular example was a rather complex one, but there are plenty of simpler ones. For example, properly understanding the fundamentals helps you decide when it matters enough to use a more complex data structure than trivialities like a list or map.