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Ethicode—what is it?

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The Path Starts Here

Ethicode is a French association created on September 2019.
Its main goals are to find, develop and support sustainable softwares to reduce our impact on the planet and, thus, us all.
It may provide help on ethical (social, educational), scientific (environmental) Open Source projects and promotes the idea to share knowledge.
As Information Technology is so important for us that it's hard to imagine a world without it, Ethicode tries to focus on projects that aim to be "greener".

Ethicode has not been really active lately due to—you guessed it—the pandemic.
It compromised one of Ethicode's first tasks that was to help senior people to learn more about how to use computers, internet and the risks they can encounter when using it. And due to lack of time for other projects, it hasn't evolved a lot on other aspects.
But lastly, we finally took a moment and managed to setup some of our ideas, such as writing here!

What Content to Expect from Ethicode?

Posts that we'll publish for Ethicode will be composed of series and standalone posts.

Better Softwares

Will be a series where we'll introduce softwares and good practices (that you may not know) to you which will have an impact in terms of optimization and sustainability on your own projects.
By reading these, you'll (hopefully) find useful tips, advice and awesome technologies!

Helping Ethical Projects

Will be a series where we'll talk about projects we decided to contribute to in order to provide support to small organizations that—in our point of view—deserve to get some help.
Who knows, you'll may discover projects you'd like to back!

Ethicode Projects

Will be a series where we'll show projects that convey values that are important to us, designed and developed by our members.
We'll describe the projects and talk about technical decisions that we had to take to fulfil our goals.

Other Posts

More occasionnally, we'll publish posts about various subjects such as psychology, education,... and stuff related to developers soft skills.

Thanks for reading, I'll try to make next posts more enjoyable, I promise!

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