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The 12th day of the 100 Days of Code challenge

Today, I finished watching the remaining part of the tutorial I began yesterday. I also did some of my homework and then have a friend come over after all the time I haven't been in my home country, I didn't plan accordingly therefore didn't have as much time as I wanted to work on my project app. I already got an image in my head and some online inspiration that use the color palette I've been wanting to use, I talked it out with ChatGPT telling him to act as if it was the "design team" of the app.

I plan on trying to look for some more inspiration online tomorrow before I start with sketching the app on Figma.

Even though it's 1AM and I wake up at 7AM, I still dedicated 10 minutes of reading Atomic Habits, I do not allow myself to read less than that. Usually, I find that enough to receive a good amount of information and sometimes get close to the finishing line of a chapter.

This was one I could relate to, improving your environment rather than dwelling on "discpline", which tends to be a short-term solution. I believe most people have a certain threshold that will one day get surpassed as the cues to those bad habits never go away.

Sometimes, I had weeks where I would constantly play a driving game on my computer. What did I do to get rid of that habit? I put the steering wheel away. Haven't touched it for nearly a year.

You forget about those habits as the environment changes, as the cues are no longer there. A study mentioned in the book found that a large percentage of soldiers were heroin addicts in Vietman, but their addiction went overnight in the US. All of the cues and triggers were no longer there in the US.

So it goes like this, make the good habits obvious and have as many cues for those as possible and try to eliminate the bad habits' cues.

That's it for today,
happy coding!

That's about it!

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