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Front Matter version 4 coming soon

Currently, I'm preparing the next major version of Front Matter - a full CMS running in Visual Studio Code. Front Matter allows you to customize it to your needs, like adding your own custom Node.js scripts to automate additional tasks.

A big PRO about Front Matter is that you get a CMS that doesn't require any account or APIs to manage your content.

In version 4 there will be a couple of big changes like:

  • Content-Type support with new fields types: image, choice, date, ...
  • Image selection support for your articles
  • Team level settings: move your settings from the user workspace level to a higher level to share with the rest of your editors.

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It would be great if you would give Front Matter a try and a GitHub ⭐️ the repo.

Check out the beta release notes: v4.0.0 release notes.

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