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Soroswap: Exploring Potential Partnerships Across the Soroban and Stellar Ecosystems

Hello Soroban community!

In the context of our SCF#17 deliverables, specifically deliverable 3.1, we've diligently researched more than 55 projects within the Soroban and Stellar ecosystems to explore potential partnerships. In roughly half of these projects, forging a partnership with Soroswap may not be a logical fit, either because they are not on Soroban or they don't incorporate smart contracts or Soroban-native tokens into their operations.

However, for the remaining projects, we have identified five distinct partnership categories:

  1. Infrastructure: These partnerships would strengthen Soroswap at its core. Examples include collaborating with databases and indexers like SubQuery Network or integrating with wallets that users can employ to connect and interact with the Soroswap Protocol, such as Lobstr or Infinity Wallet.

  2. Swap Integration: In this category, we've identified two significant groups. The first comprises DeFi and Soroban-focused protocols that might be interested in implementing Soroswap for Soroban-native token swaps. Projects like SStream (which could allow users to choose different tokens for withdrawals), Slender (offering periodical portfolio trading), and Dogstar (already implementing the Stellar-core AMM but needing to include a Soroban-native tokens AMM) fall into this group.

The second group consists of projects that primarily deal with stable coin swaps, often for cross-border payments. Soroswap could offer better rates in this scenario, but liquidity is crucial. Hence, these projects are earmarked for potential collaboration once adequate liquidity is achieved.

  1. Liquidity Provision / Liquidity Pool Creation Integration: Projects like ElioDAO and Sorosorcerer offer the ability for DAOs and users to create tokens from their websites. In Soroswap, we believe these projects could eventually include a feature allowing users to create a liquidity pool (perhaps TOKEN/XLM) with just one click.

  2. Arbitrage Integration: Arbitrage plays a crucial role in AMMs. Xycloans with its Flashloans is one project that can assist us in this area. We could create a tutorial explaining how anyone can leverage both protocols to engage in arbitrage on Soroswap using Xycloans' liquidity.

  3. Education: Why not create tutorials or offer Soroban development courses using Soroswap as an example? In this category, we have Soroban Learn and Easy A - #SummerOfSoroban. Through strong partnerships, we can help new Soroban developers conduct asset trading on their smart contracts using the Soroswap protocol.

Additionally, there's another potential partnership with Aquarius, despite the fact that they are developing their own AMM. If we maintain a positive community atmosphere, Soroswap could encourage its users to provide liquidity by offering AQUA tokens.

To wrap it up, we have numerous collaboration ideas and have selected many projects (29 in total!) for potential partnerships. We will promptly reach out to these projects to determine which will become our first addition to the Soroban family!

Are you ready to find out what's next?

Review our research summary table here

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