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Docker images for Soroban Preview Releases

Hello! In order to avoid problems when working with several projects that are using different soroban's software's versions, I came up with the idea of creating an docker image for each soroban preview. With this we could run scripts that require different soroban-cli versions, rust versions, soroban rust sdks versions, etc...

I have contrubuted in stellar/soroban-example-dapp repo to use this idea:

Check the repo:
Also, images are available in Docker Hub!:

Write an issue and collaborate!

How to use it?: Short answer

Just run your script inside the container with your favourite preview setup!

docker exec soroban-preview-7
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For more information, please check the in the project's repo

How to use it?: Long answer, also using stellar/quickstart

In this exemple we'll use Preview 7.
In order to make calls between docker containers, let's create a docker network

  1. (only once) create a common docker network
docker network create soroban-network
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  1. Run the stellar/quickstart container related to your preview (in this case preview 7)
docker run --rm -ti \
  --platform linux/amd64 \
  --name stellar \
  --network soroban-network \
  -p 8000:8000 \
  stellar/quickstart:soroban-dev@sha256:81c23da078c90d0ba220f8fc93414d0ea44608adc616988930529c58df278739 \
  standalone \
  --enable-soroban-rpc \
  --protocol-version 20 
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  1. Run the soroban-preview:7 image inside a container named soroban-preview-7. Here we'll also share our current directory.
docker run --volume  ${currentDir}:/workspace \
           --name soroban-preview-7 \
           --interactive \
           --tty \
           -p 8001:8000 \
           --detach \
           --ipc=host \
           --network soroban-network \
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  1. Execute your script inside the soroban-preview-7 container. In your script, instead of using http://localhost:8000, to call the stellar/quickstart container you just need to call stellar:8000, becase "stellar" is the name of the quickstart container that is living int he same docker network.
docker exec soroban-preview-7 ./ MY_ARGS
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