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Struggles with css

The following are the issues which every web dev faces
(and don't you dare disagree with that 👿)

  1. The Invisible Button Dilemma: Your button looks great... until someone tries to click it! You've inadvertently made it invisible, blending seamlessly into the background. Your users are now playing a game of "Where's the Button?" instead of clicking through.

  2. The Floating Mystery: Ever tried to center something vertically in CSS? It's like trying to find the center of a black hole – you're not entirely sure if it even exists. Your divs float around the page like lost balloons at a windy carnival.

  3. The Z-Index Abyss: You've stacked your elements using z-index, but somehow, one div is always hiding behind another like a shy turtle. You've entered the Z-Index Abyss, where elements vanish into the depths of your webpage's layers, never to be seen again.

  4. The Responsive Riddle: Your website looks perfect on your laptop, but on mobile, it's as responsive as a stubborn mule. Your carefully crafted layout collapses like a house of cards, leaving users squinting at microscopic text and tapping wildly at tiny buttons.

  5. The Box Model Mayhem: You thought you understood the box model, but now your margins are collapsing like a tired office worker on a Monday morning. Your divs are misbehaving, refusing to align properly and causing chaos in the layout.

  6. The Browser Compatibility Catastrophe: Your CSS works flawlessly in one browser, but in another, it's a hot mess. It's like trying to throw a party where half the guests speak a different language – chaos ensues, and nobody knows what's going on.

  7. The Selector Struggle: You've crafted the perfect CSS selector, or so you thought. But now, your styles are being overridden by a more specific selector from a library you barely understand. It's like a game of CSS tug-of-war, and you're losing.

Remember, in the world of CSS, laughter might be the best medicine... or at least the only thing keeping you from pulling your hair out!

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Nikolay • Edited

Is this a 20 years old article? Most of these issues are not actual nowadays. Rest are skill issue.