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Discussion on: Getting started with Sapper, Svelte, Postcss & Tailwind

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Gabriel Espinel

Hi, Alan. Thanks for the post.

I'm experiencing issues when trying to build for prod. The index.css doesn't seem to be purged (still over 1MB). And when I try to export, it doesn't find the index.css.

Do you face this issue as well?

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Gabriel Espinel • Edited on

Found the issue. It turns out "NODE_ENV=production" won't work on Windows. I solved it by installing "cross-env" and updating the script to "cross-env NODE_ENV=production ...".

Many thanks for this post.

A couple of suggestions.
1) Locating global.css on the static directory will also copy that file on build/export. I've moved it to src folder instead to solve this issue.
2) Maybe it's out of the scope of this post, but I think it's missing a way to minify the generated CSS.
3) Also update the script for "export" to build the css

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Omar Atta

Thank you very much for sharing the solution!

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Robert Steuck • Edited on

Just add

      preset: ['default', {
        discardComments: {
          removeAll: true,

to the plugins array in postcss.config.js to minify the index.css