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Math for computer science roadmap

What is this?

Hello all. In the past few weeks or so I've tried compiling this roadmap for anyone who tries to learn math specifically for computer science. I've never been able to find a good resource on this topic. In here you will find explanations for why those math topics were chosen, how they relate to computer science and what are the best resources to learn that topic from. I tried to make it be accessible both for beginners and people who want depth of knowledge. Feel free to leave comments and critique on how to improve it.

This is the math for computer science roadmap I have created. I also left the resources from this roadmap below


We want to build a STEM community, dedicated to bringing resources and creating roadmaps in one place that can help everyone to learn. This is an open source project for anyone who either wants to learn from roadmaps or build/contribute to roadmaps on a specific topic. The roadmaps have their own rendering engine and editor being a visual representation of data. Eventually there will be a versioning system with pull requests, issues and so on like on github, but for roadmaps.

How to contribute?

Currently, the versioning system is in development, so If you want to leave, issues or request any changes, you can do so at this github repo. I will look over them and keep the roadmaps updated. Alternatively, you can dm me to join the discord server so we can have a more direct communication channel.

That being said, I will also leave here the resources from this roadmap, if you prefer the text format.

Other resources

Is math important for CS?

How to learn from this roadmap? - Mathematics can be quite a tricky thing to learn sometimes. In the context of computer science, I recommend going first of all through all the concepts and understand AT LEAST the basics of them. You can learn mathematics as you go and bump into different issues and revisit this roadmap for a refresher or to fill gaps you might have.

You will notice this roadmap has multiple main chapters that split into subchapters. I HIGHLY recommend going through the full courses that are linked in many of the main chapters if you want to truly understand that concept, as they cover more than the specific nodes that split from them.


  • Ideally you should already be familiar with the foundations, pre-calculus and algebra II parts. The math for computer science consists of many college level topics whose roots are in these foundations. That being said, you can learn everything in this roadmap even if you know only 8th grade mathematics. If go through all the resources and complete the courses you should be able to complete it without many issues, albeit harder.

1. Foundations

2. More mathematical background

3. Essential CS Math Concepts

4. More Important math concepts

5. Optional Advanced math concepts

6. Niche specific mathematics

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