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Surf paths easier in terminal with Conolist!

error profile image Sina Farhadi ・1 min read

Hi, Thanks for reading article.
you are maybe one of the hundreds of people that have problem or tired of works with directories in terminal with old copy paste method

Whats Conolist

Conolist is an open-source CLI app written in python that can help you surf the paths very easily, Yeah it just Cool!
you cant believe? here is the example video

How to install

if you are a unix based system user you wont have problem with installing conolist because conolist is written in python and need python installed on your system.

Mac and Linux

open the terminal and write down the below text

pip3 install conolist

note that python 3 is required.
then from anywhere in your terminal just run conolist
to open up it


dear windows users you maybe don't need conolist : D
no i just kidding : )
just install python 3 and do the same way like mac and linux

Thanks for reading this article


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