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Nevertheless, Erin Coded

Erin Bush
Frontend Engineer who likes fixing all the weird bugs
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Shine theory continues to permeate my life and, reflecting back on that this International Women's Day, has made me eternally grateful for all of the folks in my life who push me to be a better person and who I can support in return.

From the Shine Theory website:

Shine Theory is an investment, over the long term, in helping someone be their best self—and relying on their help in return.

As of today, I am one sprint in to my first project as a technical lead. When doing our retrospective earlier, we anonymously write down 3 positive things and 3 things we can improve from the past 2 weeks. Three separate people wrote that something to the effect of "Erin is doing a great job as tech lead!"

Imposter syndrome is no joke and is something I grapple with all👏the👏damn👏time. I wanted to take a picture of those notes and stick them up on my monitor. Everyone needs reminders that. So here it is:

You are doing a good job and that you are killing it by just being yourself.

I continued to code in 2019 because...

I like creating silly little applications that don't really do anything and learning one new thing every day.

I am proud of...

Working in my spare time to draft conference talks. They might not be accepted anywhere but it's been great practice brainstorming creative ways of explaining concepts to a general audience.

Driving the accessibility initiative at work. We still have a long way to go but at least now accessibility is more front of mind for people than before.

I hope to see my developer community...

Be more like the community here on I've been truly impressed with the culture fostered on this platform and am never afraid to publish content for fear of rude comments.

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