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Advice for first-time conference applicant

Erin Bush
Frontend Engineer who likes fixing all the weird bugs
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I've got a few different ideas rolling around in my noggin that could potentially be turned into conference talks. Anyone have any advice on writing/giving talks on technical subjects?


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Damnjan Jovanovic

I want first to encourage you to do your first talk; it is a fantastic experience. I will note here what helped me a lot for preparing my talks.

  1. If you have a chance, organize a small workshop at your workplace or friend workplace where you can test your talk on small example audience with people you're familiar with. That will also help you see what kind of question people have.
  2. Ask everyone for the feedback, send your talk idea to your close friends or a colleague and ask them for their honest opinion.
  3. It is easy to get discouraged after some rejection of your talk ideas. Consider reshaping your idea or clarify better what you want to talk about in your CFP application.
  4. Try to choose a subject where you're expert. Being confident always have a significant impact on the audience. (I know it sounds a bit obvious)
  5. There will be negative feedback, be ready not 100% of the audience share the same opinion as yours, but do not take it seriously. Literally, every speaker has at least one feedback negative. I hope this can help you. If you want send me your talk idea/synopses, and I’ll be happy to give you feedback :)
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Erin Bush Author

Thank you! This is great advice. Very comforting to hear that despite potentially having negative feedback and/or rejection isn't a personal thing, and other people experience that as well.

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Ali Spittel
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Erin Bush Author

Thanks Ali! Great article.