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re: Angular 1 (aka "AngularJS") was released in 2010. Angular 2 (aka "Angular") was released in 2016.

I had a suspicion that might be the mismatch here. If the recruiter was asking for 5 years experience, I would venture a guess that's it's probably a place still using Angular 1.

My bad, I meant Angular2+ for sure, and it existed actually since 2014 (still less than 5 years): github.com/angular/angular/graphs/...

We both know that Angular1 is not really practical.

And we both know that Angular1 and Angular2+ have dozens of differences, two differnet creatures!

So yeah, the previous experience with Angular1 shouldn't count as "experience" for Angular2+

My date was going by its official release, which I think it more relevant when looking for X experience in Y tech. If you worked with/on a pre-release tech, that should be gravy. :)

That said, I have seen a posting requiring that kind of experience in Vue. They should have just said "we want Evan You." :D

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